Why Use Us?

There is one fundamental reason why you should use Dark Blues Management to provide the entertainment for your party, wedding, charity ball or event –

We have thirty years’ experience providing the most talked-about, talented and jaw-dropping entertainers to parties and events all over the world, from Royal birthday parties to corporate conferences.

If that wasn’t enough, here are a few more good reasons to use Dark Blues Management:

  • Every party has a different dynamic and our experience helps us to help you make the right choices
  • Our contacts book is full to bursting with literally hundreds of first-class entertainers
  • Our musicians and entertainers are professional, smart and punctual – every time
  • There is an open dialogue between Dark Blues Management and our clients throughout the process ensuring nothing goes wrong and you get exactly what you wanted
  • We have seen, critiqued and personally vetted every single act on our roster and each one can be trusted to deliver a fantastic performance
  • Certain venues have very strict house rules and regulations and we make sure our artists both understand and comply with them at all times
  • We provide music and entertainment to dozens of marquee-based parties and events every year and we know how to avoid the pitfalls of parties in tents in fields!
  • We have built up a reputation for efficiency and user-friendliness amongst Banqueting Managers, Event Managers, toastmasters, caterers and sound and lighting companies. So we are a welcome addition to the team at every event we help to organise
  • We can provide on-site coordination so the host or organiser isn’t burdened with additional responsibility of sorting out the entertainers’ requirements
  • Our own Dark Blues band has played over 5,000 gigs all around the world and brings a unique brand of experience and enthusiasm to parties. When a live band is the order of the day, there is no-one better!
Want to find the perfect act for your event?