Mix & Mingle

Mix and Mingle

Dark Blues Management is all about making sure your wedding, charity ball, party or corporate event is perfect from the very start to the very end.


We have dozens of talented, innovative, hilariously funny and sometimes unusual mix ‘n’ mingle artistes who act as ice-breakers at the start of a party or to entertain your guests at their tables during dinner. Each one tactfully and professionally mingles with small groups of people and entertains them with visual, magic, musical and athletic tricks designed to put everyone at ease and to ‘wow’ them!


Magicians • Origami Artists • Silhouette Cutters • Fortune Tellers 
Tarot Readers • Stilt Walkers • Pickpockets • Human Statues • Belly Dancers • Caricaturists • Fire Eaters • Snake Dancers • Geisha Girls • Jugglers 

Butlers, Hostesses & Waiters • Sci-Fi Aliens • Robots • Circus Acts • Living Tables • Fake Paparazzi • Lookalikes


Each one of our mix ‘n’ mingle artistes understands exactly how to lift the atmosphere at any event without dominating or interfering. We have been supplying some of the best and most popular performers in the UK for many years and we can advise you on which acts are most suitable for your particular event or party.


For more information about Dark Blues Management’s Mix ‘n’ Mingle artistes, please contact us today.

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