Disco + DJs

Discos and DJs

The key to a great DJ is being able to read and understand the crowd and play floor-filling tunes that keep everyone dancing until the party finishes and every DJ from Dark Blues Management does exactly that.


We have a great roster of specialist DJs (including celebrity DJs) for every type of party and event, including weddings, private parties and corporate events and we liaise closely with the event organizers to make sure that the DJs play exactly the right music suitable for the crowd.


Whatever music you’re into, we can give you –


Motown • Disco • Soul • Funk • Dance • Indie •
R&B • House • Garage • Pop • 60s 70s 80s 90s


…all the way up to today’s hottest acts!

What do you get from a DJ from Dark Blues Management?

  • An experienced and professional DJ who will arrive to set up in advance of your guests’ arrival. If you need them there more than two hours before their set starts, an additional fee may be levied. Set-up usually takes around one hour and once they are ready, they will change into a suit or black tie, dependent on the dress code.
  • Your DJ will play the music you want to hear at an appropriate volume. They are happy to work from a ‘set list’ and take requests since we recognise the importance of making sure the balance of the music and the presentation style is right
  • If you would like background music during dinner, please ask and they will be happy to provide it for you
  • Fees are inclusive of travel to and from your venue
  • We only ever use sound and lighting systems of the highest quality and specification. All our equipment comes with a PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificate and in addition, we have full Public Liability Insurance
  • We have radio microphones available for speeches and announcements. Please ask and they will be provided for you
  • We will ask you whether you would like your DJ to let the music do the talking or be more talkative so that we can present the evening’s entertainment in the style that you require

Dance Floors

We can also provide all types of dance floor for your event and have a number to choose from:

  • Pure white dance floors or white with starlit LEDs are popular for weddings
  • All black for a dramatic effect
  • Funky multicoloured LED dance floors – great for 70’s or 80’s themed parties
  • Black and white chequerboard
  • Oak Parquet are our standard and most popular dance floor

Size Guide:
Numbers     Dance Floor Size
60                12ft x 12ft
100              15ft x 15ft
150              18ft x 18ft
200              20ft x 20ft
275              25ft x 25ft
400              30ft x 30ft

DJs with Live Musicians

A great way to entertain your guests and to get everyone dancing is to hire a DJ with a live musician such as a sax player or maybe a bongo player. This can add an incredible amount of energy to your party.

Silent Discos

Having a silent disco can be really beneficial if you are concerned about noise levels and they are also tremendous fun: A silent disco is when people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones instead of through a speaker system. We can provide the headsets and connectors for the DJ to operate the silent disco.

Want to find the perfect DJ for your party?