Irish Drummers & Dancers

Irish Drummers & Dancers

When you need to create that extra ‘wow’ factor then these Drummers and dancers will certainly provide you with a spectacle for your guests. They are a brotherhood of rhythmic warriors and their stage show will simply raise the roof with their captivating drumming and choreographed dancers. The drummers are clad in kilts, boot and military style vests a diverse look that helps create the passion of the show itself. The pulse of life, the rhythm of a heartbeat. A thundering gong. The beat of a well tuned drum. Rhythm is an instinct that pulls on everyone. It’s unavoidable! It’s a beautiful thing that grabs you on an unconscious level.

There are many ways in which they can bring unique flavours to your event:

Stage Show

A 15 minute charged spectacle crafted to leave jaws on the floor. We blast our way through a variety of pieces containing phenomenal choreography, blistering speeds, dynamic breathtaking Irish dancing with Celtic, Brazilian and African influenced drumming styles AND a healthy dose of audience participation. Guaranteed to leave you wowed and wanting more.

Meet & Greet

What better way to greet your guests then a line of ferocious drummers! Bringing excitement from the get go, there really is no better way to kick start an event. We’re also open to work with other entertainers, bringing them into the fold, be it jugglers, fire breathers or stilt walkers

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